Extended Guarantee:

Guaranteed longer lifetime of +30 years warranty on linear output and 12 years product warranty on workmanship and materials.

Slimmer Module Design:

Almaden panels have a slimmer module design, frameless and no back sheet. Each side of the Almaden panel holds 2mm thermally tempered solar glass, exclusively used as front and back protection material providing more durability and longer lifetime for higher customer satisfaction. Low cleaning frequencies for frameless panels compared to framed panels.

1. 2mm thermally tempered solar glass
2. POE (PolyOlefin Encapsulant)
3. Solar Cells
4. POE (PolyOlefin Encapsulant)
5. 2mm thermally tempered solar glass
PID free:

Guaranteed free of PID (potential induced degradation). Potential Induced Degradation is a hazard to all EVA based modules. It heavily reduces lifetime through degradation. There is no PID with Almaden POE film. Glass-glass panels offer a light transmission and a transparency of up to 40% (panels 40 and 50 cells), they can be a good artistic solution for the domestic ones.

Long-Term Energy Yield:

Almaden anti-reflective nano-coating on solar glass allows more than 3% of the sunlight into the solar cells, which can directly increase the power output of solar panels, continually adding value to users.

Increased Electrical Efficiency:

Manufactured with POE foil (Polyolefin encapsulant) for better electrical properties such as volume resistivity and leakage current.


Fire Protection Class A:

The glass-glass design helps to save the module from damage caused by arc and hot spots, liminating potential dangers of fire.

Remarkable Stability:

High reliability through tempered glass back instead of plastic backsheet. Extreme durability through Hi-tec tempering and lamination process comparable to windshields of cars. Certified to handle high winds of  2400Pa and snow loads of 5400Pa for outstanding performance

Resistant to extreme weather conditions:

No micro cracks in backsheet, moisture can’t enter modules

Reduced Shipment Costs:

38 panels per box.

Full Installation Services Provided:

& Evaluation


30 Year

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