We understand how real world conditions affect our panels’ performance and the necessity to manufacturer products that guarantee longevity even against the most extreme weather conditions. Our series of quality assurance testings guarantee that our panels can withstand the most tempestuous weather conditions for longer periods of time.

Throughout each of our production phases, we apply stringent manufacturing controls to ensure our panels can be taken to the limit. At the end or production, the performance of every single solar module is measured using the most advanced production equipment including our electroluminescence tester and LED sun simulator. Our quest for quality doesn’t end with production. Before one of our solar panels leaves our facility, we perform a final electroluminescence measurement and a final visual check by our experienced technicians. This level of attention ensures that every product we deliver meets the Almaden standard.

  • Supplier Management
  • Proper Storage at Fixed Temperature
  • Supplier Quality Engineering
  • Incoming-material Quality Assurance
  • Quality Check Points
  • EL Tests
  • In-process Quality Control
  • Open Box Audit
  • Final Visual Inspection